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The iconic CHANEL 2.55 handbag is one of the most sought after bags. Coco Chanel originally designed it herself, merging practicality and elegance together into one. Over the years, the classic flap bag has been designed with a variety of flaps, leathers, fabrics, chains and locks. The elegance and beauty still predominates. The adjustable strap is interwoven, some braided with both metals and leathers. The classic flap comes with the interlocking CC closure or the original Mademoiselle Lock. The bag can be worn over the shoulder or around the arm, or even as a clutch. Some versions are conducive to day wear and some are favored for night as an evening bag. The 2.55 could very well be the quintessential handbag of all time.

Due to its rich history and timeless appeal, the CHANEL classic flap bag is often replicated and sold online illegally. Illegal crime organizations often converge on goods which have definitively established an enduring reputation of luxury and quality.

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Replicas are often poorly constructed fakes produced using substandard quality leathers, fabrics and metals. Fake Chanel handbags will not provide the quality of a genuine Chanel handbag.

The replica Chanel 2.55 handbags were manufactured, distributed and offered for sale by sellers who had no regard for laws. There are federal and state laws established to prevent the deliberate intent by criminals to take advantage of the rich value of the genuine item.

Many times, the illegal activities of sellers of fake Chanel handbags involved not only the crime of the trafficking of low quality replicas, but crimes such as fraud, identify theft, child labor infractions, and terrorism as well.

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